Boutique Real Estate The Xander Way

Owning a boutique real estate brokerage is the culmination of a path that spans generations. As a boy, I followed my father around his job sites, marveling at the craftsmanship of Taylor Finish Carpentry. As a teenager, I assisted on many houses for the company he had turned into Taylor Custom Homes and later Taylor Made Homes. I don’t think my Dad or I have ever taken a trip without touring at least one house and fantasizing about what we could do with it. What can I say? I love houses.

I married a local legend in the Track and Field community, and in October of 2021, we had our first child. This new branch of the Taylor family continues to make housing a hobby, passion, and livelihood. We have been blessed with so many friends and opportunities here. It is an honor to help other folks explore the possibilities of homeownership and maximize their investments in real estate.

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I became a licensed real estate broker in September of 2015. I affiliated with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, where I found many incredible mentors. In my first year, I was honored as Rookie of the Year. In the second and third years, I sold enough real estate to be recognized as a member of the Chairman’s Circle Gold. From there, my career has followed a natural progression towards autonomy and responsibility. I spent a year and a half between 2019 and 2021 at ICON Real Estate Group, honing my skills as a principal broker and testing my wings as a truly independent agent.

With sufficient time to prove to myself that the success of my first six years was not a fluke, Taylor Made Boutique Real Estate was born.

My goal is to help you transform the life you have into the life you want through sound financial decisions. I work and serve to create a world of abundance. I carry myself with integrity and make amends when I fall short.

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Putting You Ahead Of Your Competition

As the sole proprietor of this boutique real estate business, I can ensure that there is no bureaucracy separating me from my clients. There are no higher powers or company policies to which I must defer. I am free to do anything that is in my client’s best interest.

This also allows me to offer boutique real estate services that put you a step ahead of your competition. As a broker/owner and sole proprietor, I can make sure that every ounce of my energy, every dollar I spend on the business goes directly to the service of my clients.

Sellers: Why Boutique Real Estate And The Xander Way Works For You

It’s an honor to be consulted regarding the sale of your home. Let me start with an important question; Do you believe your home will sell for a fixed price, or do you believe there is a range of value based on the marketing and negotiating skill of your realtor?

My job is to help you get the best market value for your property. Over the years I have developed an approach to listing homes that I believe is the best way. For most folks in most situations, it makes sense to take time to prepare for such a big event.

In the current market there is often a sense of urgency. Even in a more balanced market there are occasions when an individual may want to list their house as soon as possible. My process can be accomplished in a hurry, when necessary, have no fear.

Buyers: Why Boutique Real Estate And The Xander Way Works For You

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to talk with you about your home buying goals. There are many parts of my job that I love but one of the most gratifying is helping folks purchase their first or next home!

I’d like to share with you my “Buyer’s Guide”. This guide will tell you about what I think are the five most important aspects of home buying, which has grown out of my experiences helping buyers over the years. We will refer to it during our first conversation and continually throughout the process. I want to share with you everything you need to buy a piece of real estate in Oregon.