Nestled in the southern part of the Willamette Valley where the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers meet, Lane County is, in a word, enchanting. But what specifically makes living in Lane County so great? Read on for eight awesome benefits you’ll experience from living in Lane County.

  • Living in Lane County Gives You Endless Outdoor Recreation Options

No matter what you like doing outdoors, living in Lane County gives you ample access. With rivers running through the county, you’ll find rafting, kayaking, floating, and fishing opportunities galore. Prefer a bike to a car? You’ll find plenty of bike lanes on the streets and more than 100 miles of biking paths in Eugene alone!

Living in Lane County also puts you close to the coast. Since you’re less than 60 miles from the Oregon Coast, weekend jaunts to the beach are a piece of cake. If skiing and snowboarding are your passion, you can be on the slopes in just an hour at Willamette Pass. Bend and Mt. Hood are also just a few hours drives.

  • Lane County Has Plenty of Breathing Room

Although Lane County is home to Eugene, the third largest city in Oregon, the total population of Lane County is less than 400,000. Spanning more than 4500 square miles, 90% of which is forest land, Lane County offers tons of space to escape and spend time alone with Mother Nature. In fact, 70% of the population in Lane County lives within a half-mile of a park. By contrast, only 18% of people live that close to a park nationwide.

  • Lane County Offers Big City Amenities but a Small-Town Pace

Eugene and Springfield offer many cultural attractions, including incredible restaurants, music venues, museums, festivals, and markets. However, noticeably absent is the frantic pace of major metropolitan areas. The general vibe in Lane County is more relaxed and casual than you’ll find in larger cities.

  • Lane County Loves Local Businesses

While big-box stores are available, Lane County is known for supporting small, local, and often family-owned businesses. Local craft breweries and vineyards thrive in Lane County. More than 85 farmers and artisans provide locally grown food and locally made wares at the Lane County Farmers Market.

  • Lane County is a Hub of Higher Education

Regarding higher education, the University of Oregon in Eugene is undoubtedly the most well-known university in Lane County. However, Lane County is also home to multiple private Universities, including Bushnell University, New Hope Christian College, Northwest College, and Lane Community College.

  • Lane County’s Infrastructure is Excellent

Lane County scores amongst the best in the nation for infrastructure. Nearly 98% of residents have broadband access. Lane County also boasts a higher-than-average walkability score and a lower average commute time.

  • Lane County Has Excellent Healthcare and Health Outcomes

Perhaps due to the abundance of recreational opportunities or access to locally grown food, Lane County residents enjoy a higher than average life expectancy and lower incidences of cancer and heart disease.

  • Job Opportunities are Everywhere

The job market in Lane County is stronger than the national average. Lane County surpasses the national average in business growth rate, job diversity, and job availability within a 45-minute commute.

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