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What is a Broker?

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I think of my job title as a verb, not a noun. I don’t buy and sell houses. I help you make arrangements, negotiate life changes, manage moves and plan for your future. You can call me for anything and I will either be able to help you or I will know someone to recommend who can!

Did your water bill suddenly spike exponentially? Are your gutters overflowing? Want to know if a piece of mail is fraudulent? Have a friend in Wisconsin that needs a realtor? Thinking about building an ADU and want to know how much value that adds?

These are a few examples of phone calls I’ve recently received. What I want to know is how can I help you?

Small Business Spotlight

Calling Elevation Bouldering Gym a small business might be a stretch! Since opening their doors in 2017 this business has exploded. Just a year after they opened I was stopped on the street in Las Vegas, wearing an Elevation tee shirt, and told what a cool gym it was. I knew they had built something special but that made me realize just how broadly their impact stretched.

Looking for a way to stay active when it’s wet outside? Need a place for your kids to burn some energy?

Want a way to meet other folks interested in an active, healthy life style? There are so many reasons to go check out Elevation!

2 months ago they announced they will be opening a second gym in Eugene and this one will focus on rope climbing. As a relative of the owners, I am proud. As a member of the climbing community, I am excited like a kid before Christmas

Xander’s Slice of Life

Did you see Joe on the Jumbotron? The camera found him on just his second visit to Matthew Knight Arena. He made it through the whole game this time, although it required a lot of snack bribery and a few trips with Mom to the hallway to explore. My dad took me to Duck games when I was a boy and I’m tickled pink to be on the other side of that coin now.

Lindsay has been knitting up a storm. It’s been a nice outlet for her creative energy and one that she can do upstairs, while Joe plays, unlike sewing. In addition to that she’s coaching pole vault at Willamette HS. One of her athletes won state at the 5A level last year. We’re excited to see how she does this year against 6A competition.

Even JoJo is tiring of the remodel now I think. The end is in sight though. The kitchen counters get installed on Friday and we’ll have our house put back together again, finally, by April 11th. Stay tuned for an “open kitchen” event soon!

Ducks& String cheese

Knitwear Model

It is done yet?