Are you considering relocating to Oregon? Or have you decided to move to the Beaver State but want to know what to expect? Here are five reasons to be super excited about your upcoming move.

  1. Oregon’s Great Outdoors Are Unmatched

Oregon is one of those rare states that offers a bit of everything when it comes to natural geography. We have magnificent mountains and a spectacular, rugged coast. We have lush valleys and deserts. So whether you want to ski, snowboard, mountain bike, surf, spend an afternoon windsurfing, floating down a river, or hiking to the deepest lake in the country, Oregon checks every box.

Just a handful of the most well-known miss scenic features you should plan to visit if you’re relocating to Oregon include:

  • Mt. Hood
  • Crater Lake
  • Columbia River Gorge
  • Multnomah Falls
  • Willamette National Forest
  1. Oregon’s Mid-Sized Cities are Growing

Although Oregon’s population clocks in at just over 4 million, our mid-sized cities are booming. Take Bend, Oregon, for example. In 2021, Bend surpassed 100,000 residents for the first time. Eugene, OR in Lane County, is also growing rapidly and now holds the title of the fourth-fastest growing city in the state.

  1. Oregon is a Haven for Artisans

Oregon embraces artists. You’ll find artisans in virtually all communities. Some are busy brewing the best craft beers in the country. Others are tending to their award-winning vineyards. They perform in Ashland at the Shakespeare Festival and concert halls throughout the state. Artisans own boutiques and galleries and sell hand-crafted items at weekend farmer’s markets.

  1. Oregonians Care About the Environment

Oregon ranks as the #6 greenest state in the nation. Regardless of political affiliation, Oregonians rank climate protection as a critical priority. In 2020, sweeping executive action was signed into order, which puts Oregon on track to reduce greenhouse emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.

  1. Oregon’s Job Market is Booming

Oregon’s job market is incredibly diverse, and plenty of excellent jobs exist. You’ll find your people in our tech forest near Portland if you’re a techie. Work in agriculture? You’ll have your choice of region to call home. Electronic and computer manufacturing accounts for more than 6% of our state’s GDP. We have a thriving bioscience industry, and countless clean energy companies have a presence in Oregon.

Other Fun Facts about Relocating to Oregon

As a future Oregonian, you may also find the lack of sales tax enchanting. The price you see on the tag for anything is what it costs in Oregon. You may also be surprised that you’re not allowed to pump your gasoline in some counties in Oregon.

Despite the Pacific Northwest’s rainy climate, you’ll likely be shocked to learn that Eugene, OR, and New York, NY, both average about 47 inches of rain each year. That leaves an average of 157 days of sunshine each year in Lane County.

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