The big move has arrived, and the house is packed except for items you don’t need or forgot you had. When planning a moving sale, there is much to consider. What gets sold? What gets donated? What do you pass on to family and friends?

What Gets Sold?

To start, outdoor furniture is a crowd pleaser. People are often on the hunt for patio decor. A quality set in moderate to good condition should be easy to sell.

Seasonal clothing for adults and children will grab the attention of the young and old. With a surge of people looking for vintage clothing, if you have something unique and bold, consider putting it in a more visible place. Children’s clothing is especially sought after. As most of us know, kids outgrow clothing quickly. Many parents will look for ways to add to their wardrobe at a lower cost.

While it is a little more niche, books fall into the category of things to sell. If you have book titles that are still in popular demand, there is no harm in trying to sell books. The book’s condition plays a role in attracting someone to buy.

Outdoor and sports equipment are probably the most desired items at any moving sale. Everything from power drills to baseball bats will sell quickly and net you some extra cash. Note: if you aren’t moving your outdoor or sports gear at your sale, consider consigning at your local secondhand store like Eugene Gear Traders.

People love picking up home decor and electronics. If you’re ready to create a fresh vibe after the move, sell off some of your current decor. Wall art, unique frames, candle holders, and kitchen supplies are a viable option. Electronics in good condition are another sought-after group.

If you don’t have enough for a moving sale, popular websites like Mercari, Ebay, and Facebook Marketplace can help you generate a little extra cash for any item you would have put in your driveway. These sites often help you get more money for each item, also, but it takes more work!

What Gets Donated

As you may know, many donations are tax-deductible. If you’re in a position where additional cash is not something needed, you don’t have time for a sale, or items did not sell, why not donate? Clothing is one example that is always needed. In the winter, socks, warm jackets, and other cold weather clothing are often needed at shelters for the unhoused.

Tools are another significant need for donation sites. Stores like St. Vincent DePaul provide supplies for DIY projects at a fraction of the cost. If someone is working on a home project, they may need to place most of their money into building supplies, and second-hand tools can greatly help the budget.

Team sports can be expensive. Helping a family get what they need to put their kids or themselves through a season is a great feeling.

There is no wrong answer to what gets donated. Someone will benefit from your generosity!

What Gets Passed On

This is the most subjective area of planning a moving sale, but here are a few ideas for you!

Do you have items that friends are always commenting on? If they are no longer needed, consider giving these items now to those that will most appreciate them most! But careful! Don’t give it away if you will be bothered by how it is used (or not used). You can also post items to your social and see if anyone is interested – who doesn’t love gently used treasures when you know where they came from!

Our second tip is to think ahead! Is there a family member or friend soon entering a new stage in their life? If so, consider putting things in storage they might benefit from once they get that promotion, get married, move into their new place, etc.

Final Tips and Tricks

Check out these additional tips and tricks to set you up for success.

  • At a moving sale, price items somewhere between 50-90% off. Buyers are looking for a deal.
  • Check in with local shelters and highly discounted stores to see if they have needs you can meet.
  • Get signs put up around the neighborhood & on busy streets nearby. (Check local and state laws regarding this).
  • Have fun with it. A moving sale can be a bit like a party. Invite friends and family to join in. Keep food and drinks around and you’ll never be alone. A positive attitude will make the entire process just a bit easier.

Whatever route you choose, there is a path to success. Good luck with your upcoming move and moving sale.

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