Considering a move to the burbs? You’re not alone. Since 2020, “pandemic migration” saw countless families move from high-density cities to lower-density regions. In Oregon, for example, more than 19,000 households left greater Portland. Where did they go? According to the Wall Street Journal, most went to the suburbs or smaller metro areas. So why have so many left cities for the suburbs? Truth be told, buying a home in a suburban area offers a whole lot of advantages that you won’t find in a city. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to consider relocating to a suburban area.

Your Money Gets You More Space Outside

You’ll almost always get more space for your money in the suburbs. Although prices per square foot in suburban homes have caught up with urban areas, when factoring in the size of your lot, you’ll get more space for money in the suburbs.

Values in the Suburbs are Increasing

Recently, the values of homes in the suburbs have also caught up with homes in cities. Considering that homes are typically the biggest investment a buyer makes, knowing that values are increasing on par with values in cities, is another advantage of buying in a suburban area. 

Healthier Environment

Suburban areas are less polluted than cities. From air pollution to noise pollution the suburbs take the cake when it comes to the health of the environment you choose to put down roots.

Potentially Less Crime

Crime can and does happen everywhere. However, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), violent crime in cities in 2021 was 48% higher than in suburban areas.  

Schools are Typically Less Crowded

If you have school-age children, they may benefit from a better student-to-teacher ratio than in the cities. Schools may also have more money, as the property taxes that fund them are typically higher due to more homeowners and fewer renters.

Greater Access to Nature and Green Spaces

Suburbs boast more green spaces and greater accessibility to outdoor recreation areas.  Away from the cities, you’ll experience a bigger open sky, more trees, and plenty of lush greenery.

Less Traffic

The suburbs are designed to keep the traffic away from your front doorstep. Suburbs often have one or two major arteries that house most businesses. But you’re very unlikely to experience traffic on side streets, and in neighborhoods in a suburban area. 

More Privacy

The space between homes in the suburbs is larger than the space between homes in urban areas. This affords greater privacy. Moreover, you’re unlikely to be competing for sidewalk space during your morning or evening walk if you choose to live in the suburbs. 

Less Frantic Pace

One of the biggest advantages of living in suburban areas is that the pace of life slows down significantly. This can take some time to get used to if you’ve been a city dweller for a while. But things move slower in the suburbs, which can be a welcome relief if you’re ready for a more laid-back lifestyle. 

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