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Eugene vs The Nation

Last week the FHFA released data for Q3 of 2022. The highlighted area of the images to the left shows that, while average prices across the nation dipped, values in EugeneSpringfield are continuing to rise! Yes, they are rising more slowly than they did before. I think this is a sign that our market is getting healthier. While 22% appreciation (experienced in 2021) was great for homeowners, it was such rapid growth as to be unsustainable. Locally, appreciation for Q3 was only marginally above zero, coming in at 0.68%. It is likely that this cooling continues through the end of 2022.

The data seem to be in line with the expectations we’ve laid out for the last couple of months. Eugene-Springfield appreciation is slowing but not as dramatically as the national average.

Small Business Spotlight

No Christmas season is complete for me until I’ve gotten a cappuccino and browsed the stacks for presents at J. Michael’s Books.

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Jeremy’s bookstore has been a gem of this community for longer than I have been alive. In an era of e-books and one-click shopping it makes me happy to see his old-world business thrive.

When there’s something in particular I have my heart set on, it’s a snap to have them order it in. Alternatively, I’ve found some of my favorite reads ambling around the shop or asking for recommendations from the wonderful staff.

Nominated as one of the 50 Best Indie Bookstores in America by the Huffington Post, it was described as “a cozy and colorful fixture of one of America’s most colorful small cities.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Let’s Play Ball!

If you’re like me, it gets a little harder to stay active and healthy in the short, dark days of the winter. This year I’ve decided to combat the urge to hibernate by forming a city league basketball team. I may have room for another player or two if you are interested in joining. If not this year, maybe next? I plan to make this a tradition. I have set a goal for 2023 to sponsor a team sport each season for aging “athletes” like me. Here’s an outline of my team sports plans:

  • Winter – Basketball
  • Spring – Soccer (Co-Ed)
  • Summer – Slow-pitch Softball (Co-Ed)
  • Fall – Indoor Soccer (Co-Ed)

If you or any of your friends are interested, drop me a line!

Family Festivus

Joey helped decorate the tree this year.

Xmas light walk in North Gilham. We were part of the show.

Lots of practice opening presents.