Planning to make Eugene your home? You’re in for a treat. Known as Emerald City, thanks to the abundance of lush greenery and forestry, Oregon’s third-largest city welcomes new residents seeking an exceptional quality of life. As our city slogan makes clear, deciding to settle in Eugene offers the promise of  A Great City for the Arts and Outdoors.” To make your transition easier, the following tips will help ensure that relocating to Eugene is an exciting adventure.

1. Find a Local Real Estate Expert

Local real estate experts can be your greatest asset when relocating to a new city. Far beyond helping you buy a home, local REALTORS® have their finger on the pulse of the cities in which they live, work, and play. A local expert will help you to learn about potential areas of the city, including specific subdivisions and enclaves. They will know which service providers you’ll need, and a home’s access to employment hubs, arts and entertainment, and recreation.

Indeed, when you choose to work with a local expert, you’ll get the inside scoop on all kinds of incredibly useful information, ranging from the best schools in the area to the most reputable painters, contractors, and even moving companies. In short, when you choose to align with a top-reviewed local REALTOR®, you’ll be tapping into an incredible source of on-the-ground information that can save you time, stress, and money.  

2. Get Your Financing in Order

It is no secret that there is a housing supply shortage from coast to coast. Although prices leveled out in recent months, there is still a limited supply of inventory. To that end, it is wise to have your financing in order so that when you find the perfect home, you’re able to make an offer on it.  Getting pre-qualified, if not pre-approved, for a mortgage will ensure that your real estate agent can hone in on the homes that meet your needs, and fit your budget.

3. Sell Your Current Home

Unless you plan to keep your current home as an investment, it is in your best interest to sell your home before relocating. This puts cash in your pocket and prevents a worst-case scenario, such as being stuck with two mortgages. This is especially important if you’re relocating from out of state. Trying to manage the sale of your home in another state, while you’re moving creates additional stress. 

4. Look into Short-Term Rentals

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you’ll find the home of your dreams before your move date. So, it’s a good idea to look into the best options for a short-term rental, while you’re in transition. Fortunately, Eugene has an abundance of short-term furnished rentals, so that you can keep your belongings in a secure storage facility while searching for your perfect home. Incidentally, it’s another reason that aligning with a local real estate expert is important, as they will be able to point you in the right direction of temporary housing if necessary.

5. Minimize Moving Costs by Cleaning House

If you’re on the brink of moving to a new city, it is the perfect time to begin streamlining your belongings. Consider hosting a garage sale, donating unwanted items, or gifting family or friends items you no longer need or want. This ensures that only the items you love, and need are packed and moved, which can save on moving costs.

6. Enjoy the Journey

Relocating can be stressful. It can feel overwhelming at times. But in the end, you’re embarking on an exciting journey into the next stage of life. To the extent that you can, try to focus on the thrill and the possibilities that lie in front of you, as you embark on a new adventure.

Relocating to Eugene? Taylor Made Real Estate are the Local Experts

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